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Controversy with the EU Transfer of Funds Regulation

The last round of discussions took place on 31 March. There was much fanfare – the European Parliament voted in favour of removing thresholds for scrutinising crypto transfers, including those from unhosted wallets. Gone are the days of self-regulated internal customer risk assessment, where crypto exchanges set their own thresholds for conducting KYC checks, and ask for enhanced due diligence information only once these were met. Bringing unhosted wallets intoRead More »

An Open Letter to the FCA: Go Beyond Financial Promotions

Our crypto consortium is directly tied to this vision; it will represent responsible crypto providers, who will be encouraged and incentivised to stick to a single, predictable standard of compliance and transaction monitoring. This best practice will protect crypto users, as well as gain the trust and recognition of the banks we partner with by offering them full transparency on the crypto flows they are processing. Today, on 23rd March,Read More »