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How crypto platforms can speak ‘bank’

Banks and crypto platforms have come from different places at different times. Banking has existed largely unchanged for 5,000 years since its origins in ancient Greece and Oikos Nomos. Crypto began as a thought experiment around a dozen years ago and exists both everywhere and nowhere due to its decentralized nature. Although banks and crypto platforms haven’t always had a lot in common on paper, in practice that’s changing. We’reRead More »

Read full story «Partnership Rather Than Conflict: Our Future for Crypto»

Partnership Rather Than Conflict: Our Future for Crypto

Like any other enterprises out there, crypto platforms need to adapt and utilise critical infrastructure in order to grow and thrive and, like it or not, they still rely on traditional banking to bring in new users and reach emerging markets. This comes at a price; it means making an effort and conforming to traditional financial services regulation and bank grade AML standards. Crypto platforms that try to go itRead More »