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Why without Web 2.5, there’ll be no Web 3.0

Fiat-related pain points for crypto platforms The world today is priced and valued in fiat currencies. As a result, people, when interacting with crypto, always subconsciously convert it to fiat and wonder how much it’s worth. Paying for groceries

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Fixers: Bridging Web 1, Web 2, and Web 3 in Banking

Our story starts on 6 August 1991 when the first webpage was launched and everything changed. As the World Wide Web turns 31, we track how far banking and payments have come since the dial-up days of Web 1.

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How crypto platforms can speak ‘bank’

Banks and crypto platforms have come from different places at different times. Banking has existed largely unchanged for 5,000 years since its origins in ancient Greece and Oikos Nomos. Crypto began as a thought experiment around a dozen years

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