Cookies Policy

This policy was last reviewed on 22 March 2022

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1.1 When you visit our website, Fiat Republic uses cookies to analyse how you use it and to track and improve its performance and to remember your preferences from your last visit. Cookies are small data files that we send to your computer that is stored on a file in your web browser.
1.2 Cookies do not contain any information that personally identifies you.You can disable cookies by following out the instructions below in section 3 otherwise by using our website, you agree to the usage of these by visiting this website through any type of device.


2.1 Cookies may be used by us directly to serve to your device or through third parties who will serve them on our behalf. The third parties we use are reputable companies that help us to analyse traffic to our website, help us manage customer support and contact and keep our website secure.

2.2 There are several categories of cookies that we use:

• Strictly necessary cookies – Cookies that are essential for us to operate the website effectively and keep it secure.
• Analytics cookies – Cookies that we use to analyse how visitors are using our website so that we can keep our products and services up to date and quickly identify any errors that have occurred and ensure that the website performs as expected.
• Functionality cookies – Cookies that record information about your personalised choices that allow us to tailor the website to suit you better.
• Advertising cookies – When we send you an email when you opt into our marketing emails our third party partner inserts a one-pixel tracking image into the email after it is sent which notifies us if you open the tracked email.


3.1 On most browsers you can control cookies in a variety of ways or even remove them altogether. By doing this however the website may no longer function as intended. The option to control cookies is usually found in the ‘Settings’ section of your browser.

3.2 Below are links to control cookies in the most popular types of browsers:

• Google Chrome
• Apple Safari for Mac and iOS
• Mozilla Firefox
• Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge


4.1 We may make changes to this policy from time to time when we update the types of products and services that are made available through this website. You can see when this policy was last updated at the top of the page. We recommend that you re-visit this page from time to time to be informed about any changes to this policy.