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The impact of a winning fiat strategy 

1) Winning and Retaining Users In today’s world, users demand immediacy, simplicity, and trust in their payment experiences. By offering local and global coverage, you can provide people with the ability to buy and sell crypto in their currency and payment method of choice. Virtual IBANs can deliver instant deposits and withdrawals, preventing payment losses, delays, and rejections. This makes the buying journey seamless for your users and keeps themRead More »

Read full story «#IWD2023 Spotlight: FR’s Finance Director Dave McKenzie»

#IWD2023 Spotlight: FR’s Finance Director Dave McKenzie

How can men be allies on IWD? Men need to be allies not just on IWD but every day! It’s a good day for raising awareness of issues like the gender pay gap, but we should be aware of them every day, not just one day per year. Who are the women that inspire you? I have worked with plenty of impressive and inspirational women. But I find it surprisingRead More »

Read full story «#IWD2023 Spotlight: FR’s FinCrime Product Manager Anna Wojcik»

#IWD2023 Spotlight: FR’s FinCrime Product Manager Anna Wojcik

What are you passionate about? Travelling and meeting new people! Visiting and learning about different cultures has a significant impact on the way I look at the world. Even though our company is full of people with different backgrounds and experiences, we work perfectly as a team, and I learn from them daily! I believe you can learn something valuable from everyone. When you were a child, what did youRead More »

Read full story «#IWD2023 Spotlight: Yield App’s Anamaria Fuiorea»

#IWD2023 Spotlight: Yield App’s Anamaria Fuiorea

What are you passionate about? I am a reader. I love immersing myself in other worlds, even though sometimes these are just new regulatory guidelines or legal commentary. Boring, I know. I am curious by nature, and I like discovering how things are intended to work. Another thing I love is travelling and meeting new people. I always make an effort to get to know the locals and try toRead More »

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Why winning crypto platforms are choosing fiat-as-a-service

DIY: integrates with banks piece-by-piece, with each update requiring a fresh reset BaaS: The engine is not built for the crypto industry, so it must be modified: crypto architecture can only be bolted on, and each update requires additional changes. Underlying banking partners are not always crypto-friendly, leading to potential abrupt debanking FaaS: A Faas engine is tuned exclusively for crypto platforms, all underlying banking partners are crypto-friendly, and allRead More »

Read full story «Archax: Institutional ‘Throughout’: A Credible Bridge Between The Blockchain And Traditional Investments»

Archax: Institutional ‘Throughout’: A Credible Bridge Between The Blockchain And Traditional Investments

  The Legend: The journey from buying to exchanging Rodford followed cryptocurrency from a distance until the 2017/18 ICO boom. He realized then that it was here to stay.  With over two decades of working in investment management, the original idea was to build a hedge fund, but credible “infrastructure just wasn’t ready,” Rodford said. The lack of conventions and systems typical of traditional finance communicated a need for anRead More »

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The Journey From TradFi To CeFi To DeFi

  The legend: bridging Tradfi, Cefi, and Defi Amber Group is a unicorn, having raised 200m at a 3b valuation. While most cryptocurrencies are down 90% from ATH, Amber group has 3x’d their staff, from 400 employees to 1200 employees, with twelve offices across five continents. n.They’ve developed a digital assets gateway app, WhaleFin, a one-stop shop for secure liquidity, yields, and risk mitigation. “7/10 of institutions recommend digital assetRead More »

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Building A Winning Sports Partnership Strategy:

  The Legend:, and the first-ever NFL partnership In 2018 was a non-custodial platform and had only just listed Ethereum. Today offers a custodial wallet, an exchange, and a whole suite of other products and services. All of their fiat, KYC, and other functions are done in-house. has four partnership angles: 1) Cryptocurrencies, 2) Product, 3) Growth, and 4) Strategies and Branding. The partnership with theRead More »

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“Trust, but verify.”: Bitstamp

  The Legend: Making a Footprint in the Jurassic Era of Crypto JB joined Bitstamp as Chief Compliance Officer during the Jurassic era of crypto – in 2014, and Bitstamp is, in fact, the world’s longest-running exchange – since 2011. Nonetheless, compliance and regulation have always been “the footprint of the company,” said Graftieaux, which is why they urgently pursued European licensing, which they achieved in 2016. When Graftieaux firstRead More »

Read full story «Fiat Republic’s Eagle provides a bird’s-eye-view»

Fiat Republic’s Eagle provides a bird’s-eye-view

27 Eagles, three days, one priceless experience of collaboration We asked our Fiat Republic Eagle to join us for a 3-day retreat in Slovenia to observe the Eagles together and experience the culture, collaboration, and dedication to achieving our mission: to fix the broken relationship between banks and crypto to unlock crypto to the masses! This is what our Eagle had to say. An Eagle Vision I was excited andRead More »