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Crypto Legend Diana Biggs: The future of Bitcoin and blockchain 

  The Legend: Financial inclusivity Diana’s revolutionary proclivities predate cryptocurrency itself, starting with an interest in hackers and cyberpunks. “We used to go to 2600 meetups the technology…Back then, the narrative was really around ‘Information wants to

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The future of cryptocurrency – bringing crypto to the mainstream

 Mainstreaming crypto: defining a true success case for cryptocurrencies Our live crypto legends episode, ‘Bringing Crypto to the Mainstream,’ featured a panel of esteemed guests – Mounir Laggoune, CEO of Finary; Nicolas Louvet, CEO of Coinhouse; Bertrand Godin,

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European crypto regulation: Why EU leads the regulatory landscape

 While the newly announced Bitcoin ETF serves as good news for crypto advocates in the US and worldwide, the US’s regulatory apparatus still lags behind Europe in many respects. This is why, at the end of last year,

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