Fiat Republic at FinTech & InsurTech Digital Congress

🎙 In March 2022 our CEO and Founder, Adam Bialy spoke at the FinTech & InsurTech Digital Congress in Poland about how Fiat Republic unlocks crypto for the masses and provides a bridge between banks and crypto.

With a $1.1 trillion annual fiat-crypto volume, that today only represents 4% of the world population, there is room for growth. Fiat Republic is on a mission to democratize fiat access for the Web3 economy by bridging Web 2 with Web 3. We call it Web2.5.


– Crypto is huge and booming with a $1.1 trillion annual fiat-crypto volume
– Banks and Crypto don’t speak the same languages (just yet)
– Current infrastructure results in slow and clunky fiat deposits
– Unfit compliance processes, insufficient data, group risk policy and lack of crypto expertise prevent banks from offering banking services to crypto platforms
– Multiple integrations, managing local regulatory requirements, tier 2 & 3 banking and manual compliance processes are often pain points for crypto platforms working with banks

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