Fiat Republic platform launches in Europe

We are delighted to announce that Fiat Republic, our regulated banking and payments API platform that reduces the time and cost it takes for fiat currencies to be processed through crypto platforms, has successfully launched into the European market.

It encapsulates our vision for the future of crypto, in which the industry is more closely aligned with the traditional payment providers; bridging the gap between crypto and fiat currencies so that more potential (and existing) users can access crypto markets.

At its heart, Fiat Republic’s API allows businesses to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their websites and apps. Developers can work within a sandbox environment that contains a fully documented development center to assist in the integration of the Fiat Republic API into their existing platforms. Businesses will now be able to create virtual IBANs for both their own crypto platform and their users, in both Pound Sterling and Euro currencies. Payments can be sent and received via UK Faster Payments or CHAPS for Pound Sterling, or via SEPA for Euros. The launch of Fiat Republic represents an exciting evolution in the partnership between crypto and traditional banking, and our dashboard offers great standalone support for finance teams that want to monitor any financial activity – fiat or crypto – going through a business.

We currently have a few users trialing the network, and welcome any new users who wish to trial the Fiat Republic API. Beyond this initial launch, there are a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, driven by a dedicated team that is always exploring opportunities to expand the Fiat Republic platform into new currencies. Our vision for the future is one in which every potential crypto user has fair and simple access to crypto markets.

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