Fiat Republic appoints two Non-Executive Directors to the Board of its Dutch subsidiary

London, 02 August 2022, 9am GMT: Fiat Republic, the specialist Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that bridges web3 and traditional banks, today announces the appointment of Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen and Koenraad Dom as Non-Executive Directors. They will provide support and guidance as Fiat Republic focuses on expanding its strategic partnerships with both crypto providers and tier one banks.

Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen has years of experience working in fintech, particularly in the governance and compliance sectors. She is currently a Venture Partner at the Borski Fund, tackling gender equality in accessing capital for tech, and she is also ex-DNB where she guided the National Bank on its integrity and sustainability strategy. Dagmar spent a number of years as Director Regulatory Affairs at fintech platform Adyen, which saw her contribute significantly to their growth strategy.

Koenraad Dom is the Chief Risk Officer for global crypto exchange Bitstamp and has been with them since 2019, he has had a front row seat engaging with both regulators and banks and has an excellent track record of scaling startups. He has been working in the crypto industry since 2014, and brings with him a strong background in risk management, as well as banking and capital markets.

These two industry experts will bring invaluable expertise and experience to the Fiat Republic Board in the Netherlands.

Commenting on the two new joiners, Adam Bialy, Founder and CEO said: “We’re delighted to welcome Koenraad and Dagmar to the Board of Fiat Republic Netherlands BV and look forward to leveraging their extensive experience from both the world of traditional finance and that of crypto to help us deliver the most robust compliance-first payments and banking platform for the crypto industry. Being able to attract individuals to our Board of the calibre of Koeraad and Dagmar is a true validation from the wider industry that Fiat Republic is building a systemic solution needed to solve a systemic problem whilst at the same time showing our commitment to the Netherlands, as a regulatory regime and fintech ecosystem that we believe in. Despite the recent downturns in global markets, there is a huge opportunity ahead of us at the intersection of banking and crypto and I firmly believe now is the perfect time for bold plays like ours to emerge and start tackling the very evident crisis of trust between the two industries.

“While working in the crypto markets, I have witnessed first-hand the obstacles and challenges of getting access to reliable fiat payments rails. I was thrilled to see Fiat Republic’s compliance-first, fiat-as-a-service solution addressing this problem. Their platform has compliance in their DNA and their ability to give banks visibility of the money flows, both on-chain and off-chain, is helping to solve very urgent issues crypto platforms are experiencing; payment delays and constant threat of de-banking. I look forward to sharing my experience with the fellow board members of Fiat Republic Netherlands on how to scale this tech-driven solution” Koenraad Dom said.

Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen comments: “Having operated both on the TradFi side at DNB and on the fintech side at Adyen, I have seen the explosive potential when the two worlds of fintech and traditional banking can connect and collaborate. As such, I was thrilled at the opportunity to join the board at Fiat Republic, Netherlands. They are sat right at the intersection of banks and crypto, providing the trusted bridge needed to foster collaboration. Fiat Republic’s philosophy to solve this problem, which revolves around integrity, transparency and trust resonates with my own values and I’m delighted to help support them on their journey to being the de facto platform for fiat rails access.”

These two appointments confirm Fiat Republics’ position as the ‘emerging standard’ for bridging banks and crypto. “As the leading Web2.5 platform, we’ve always believed that helping unlock crypto to the masses is dependent upon having frictionless access to fiat.. Fiat or bank payment rails are still the mainway users enter the crypto economy. It’s great to see both Koenraad and Dagmar recognize the importance of Fiat Republic’s mission and the power of our systemic solution to transform fiat access for crypto platforms and make more banks crypto friendly” Adam Bialy concluded.

Note: Fiat Republic currently has a regulatory licence application pending with DNB


About Fiat Republic
Fiat Republic is a fintech, headquartered in London, with subsidiaries in the Netherlands and in Canada, with a mission to bring banking to web3 through their Web2.5, fiat-as-a-service platform. Their platform brings together crypto friendly banks allowing crypto platforms to easily create accounts in multiple currencies, access local payment rails and FX via a single API built with a developer-first ethos. With a strong focus on AML, compliance and security, Fiat Republic has a vision to more closely align traditional finance with crypto providers.

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