Meet Adam Bialy: Web2.5 game-changer

Book one of the most influential thought leaders on bridging Web 2 and Web 3

Adam is impassioned by Fiat Republic’s mission to unlock crypto to the masses by bringing banking to Web 3.



Adam has been delighting audiences at key industry events, expertly sharing his forward thinking thoughts on bringing fiat innovation to the crypto industry. For any industry event, Adam delivers an experience your delegates won’t forget. His knowledge and experience span the TradeFi, CeFi and DeFi ecosystems and he’s effective as a keynote speaker, a panel speaker or a moderator.


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"Getting access to fiat rails is a systemic problem for crypto platforms and it requires a systemic solution. Web 2.5 is that solution, we at Fiat Republic sit at the intersection of banks and crypto platforms, providing the connective tissue that creates trust between them"