Fiat Republic Platform Launches in Europe

It encapsulates our vision for the future of crypto, in which the industry is more closely aligned with the traditional payment providers; bridging the gap between crypto and fiat currencies so that more potential (and existing) users can access

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The Journey From TradFi To CeFi To DeFi

  The legend: bridging Tradfi, Cefi, and Defi Amber Group is a unicorn, having raised 200m at a 3b valuation. While most cryptocurrencies are down 90% from ATH, Amber group has 3x’d their staff, from 400 employees to 1200

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Building A Winning Sports Partnership Strategy:

  The Legend:, and the first-ever NFL partnership In 2018 was a non-custodial platform and had only just listed Ethereum. Today offers a custodial wallet, an exchange, and a whole suite of other products and services.

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