The impact of a winning fiat strategy 

1) Winning and Retaining Users In today’s world, users demand immediacy, simplicity, and trust in their payment experiences. By offering local and global coverage, you can provide people with the ability to buy and sell crypto in their currency

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Why without Web 2.5, there’ll be no mass adoption of Web 3.0

Fiat-related pain points for crypto platforms The world today is priced and valued in fiat currencies. As a result, people, when interacting with crypto, always subconsciously convert it to fiat and wonder how much it’s worth. Paying for groceries

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Why winning crypto platforms are choosing fiat-as-a-service

DIY: integrates with banks piece-by-piece, with each update requiring a fresh reset BaaS: The engine is not built for the crypto industry, so it must be modified: crypto architecture can only be bolted on, and each update requires additional

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