Fintech Founders: How to bridge Web3 and Banking?

CEO Adam Bialy and CGO Sophie Guibaud joined the Web3 CFTE podcast to share the story of Fiat Republic and the mission of bridging Web3 and Banking.

🎙 In the inaugural episode of Fintech Founders, Fiat Republic’s Adam Bialy and Sophie Guibaud joined stellar CFTE hosts Ronit Ghose and Gaurav Dhar and shared Fiat Republic’s business model and how Fiat Republic is “Web 2.5”, bridging the worlds of Web2 and Web3. What does it take to bring crypto and traditional banking together?


Unlocking global and local fiat access

With fiat-as-a-service, you only need one solution for all of your global and local fiat accesses. Solve your fiat challenges under a single API to facilitate your fiat user flows and address your treasury challenges.

Talking the talk and walking the walk of compliance

To bridge the knowledge gap between crypto platforms and banks you need to provide a compliance-first approach and full transaction visibility for on-ramp, on-chain and off-ramp.

A unified voice for crypto platforms

By bringing together crypto platforms we can create a united voice to unlock tier 1 banking and payment fiat rails and establish a seat at the table with regulators. Simply put, Fiat Republic is influencing the rules that will govern the future of the crypto industry.

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